Program Components:

~30-60-minute mindfulness sessions (Samurai session)

~1-on-1 counseling or coaching sessions

~Long-distance/online sessions and advising

~Special-topic seminars or workshops

  • Enhance Employee Engagement
  • Manage Stress
  • Self-Regulate Thoughts, Emotions, Energy-level and Stress
  • Build a Top-Notch Team
  • Master the Manager’s Domain
  • Develop Focus and Concentration
  • Customized to address the burning issue of the day


 Mindfulness Matters Level I Program – The basic foundation to engage employees: one Samurai session and one email assignment or reflection, plus five hours weekly of 1-on-1 participant time.

 Mindfulness Matters Level II Program -Beneficial for larger organizations who desire scheduling flexibility for employees: twice-weekly duplicate Samurai sessions, one email assignment and one email follow-up, plus ten hours weekly of 1-on-1 participant time.

 Weekday Warrior Program – An in-depth program for demanding workplaces or those needing more intensive work: one weekly Samurai session, two weekly email assignments or reflections, ten hours of weekly 1-on-1 participant time, and bimonthly workshops.

 Customized Program – Let me work with you to create the perfect program for your company- based on size, degree of engagement desired, and budget.

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