My personal work as a meditator, my study of the neurosciences and the joy of working with people combine to create unique and powerful methodologies to bring the best out of people.

Working with me, clients become stronger  leaders because they change themselves. Their new understanding and perspective lead to new behaviors, which create new results.  What was once considered a mistake or problem transforms into a developmental opportunity.  Clarity, direction and enthusiasm emerge as teams get “fired up and un-stuck”.  Their productivity, creativity and collaboration increase, and employee engagement — the new competitive edge in today’s markets — soars.

I offer businesses several formats to develop their employees from the inside out.  See the Services page for options, from 1:1 coaching to extended programs.

A client reports: “Ours is a fast paced, high-stress environment.  Greg provides opportunities for our people to pause, self-reflect and self-regulate.  He helps us de-stress, clear our minds, reset and refocus.  Slowing down we think more clearly, are less reactive and are more present to ourselves, to our co-workers and our clients.  Greg provides us with the inner tools of health and wellness that help us tackle our day.”

See the Media page for my TEDx talk,  ”From Cave to Corporate America”.

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