The Story

I have been interested in the depth and breadth of what is possible for human beings for as long as I can remember. As a child my curiosity led me away from home so much Mom pinned a note on my shirt with my name and our phone number. I spent my senior year of high school studying in Switzerland. My interest in the natural world led me to guiding wilderness trips—which paid for college. Interested in the deeper layers of human experience and creativity I studied psychology, counseling and dance.

Exploring the breadth of human experience, I traveled in Central and South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. I rode freight trains, climbed mountains and did famine relief work in the Sahara.

Expanding creativity I worked with children and made a living as a storyteller. I danced and choreographed semi-professionally on the low-flying trapeze. Articles about my hospice experiences and traveling and teaching with Matthew Fox were published in national journals. A fiction piece was published in a literary journal.

In hopes of understanding the spiritual dimension of life I gained a Masters of Spirituality degree. What I learned motivated me to reach out more toward others. I trained and served as a chaplain.

Hungry to completely immerse myself in spirituality I lived in Asia for 9 years, studying eastern philosophy and practicing meditation. Meditation is hard work. I thought being a monk would help. I ordained for 6 years, 5 years longer than I expected. While a monk, I experienced profound fulfillment and elated but serene states of freedom. I knew directly time didn’t exist. I clearly understood the transience of things. I realized pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. I clearly felt our tremendous human potential for positive change.

My father was dying. I returned to the States. Being a happy hermit monk was no longer a challenge. Being a happy, peaceful layman and contributing to society are more challenging.

What I experienced as a monk is valuable. I want others to benefit from it, too. My work now is to help others learn what I did. This is one form of contributing.

I’ve been consulting regularly at one of the hottest ad agencies in the world. Stress and pressure are extreme there. Though employees don’t have the benefit of a cave, they are learning what I learned about how to work with, not against, their minds and bodies. They cultivate mindfulness, concentration, patience, perseverance, appreciation, the power of intention and the vigor of happiness. They look better, smile more and manage stress effectively. They are happier and everyone around them is better off.

After all, we’re all in this together.

The Facts

Education & Training
Clinical Pastoral Education, 5 units, Meriter Hospital, Madison, WI 1999
M.A. Spirituality; Institute of Culture and Creation Spirituality, Oakland, CA 1994
B.S. Counseling and Education; The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA 1982

Meditation Training
Daily practice—25 years
Theravada Buddhist monk, Burma and USA, 2001-08
Intensive silent meditation practice (Vipassana), Burma, 2001-07

Mindfulness Consultant—weekly group sessions and individual meetings—Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder, CO
Vipassana (Insight) Meditation Instructor, Thailand, Burma, USA
Chaplaincy Resident, Meriter Hospital, Madison, WI
Choreographer/Dancer, Cycropia Aerial Dance Inc., Madison, WI
Facilitator with Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way—Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, Taos, NM
Teacher with Matthew Fox; Creation Spirituality, Europe and Philippines
Yoga Instructor, AZ, WI, India and Nepal
Volunteer, Hospice Family Care, Tucson, AZ
Professional Storyteller, Arizona Commission on the Arts, USA, Mexico, Bolivia and Peru
Airport Manager, European Economic Community, El Fasher, the Sudan,
Mountaineering, wilderness and whitewater instructor and guide, USA
Wilderness Therapy with At-Risk Youth and Juvenile Delinquents, Santa Fe Mt. Center, NM

Teaching & Facilitation (personally designed workshops and courses)
Meditation and Mindfulness, Boulder, CO
Meditation and Contact Improvisation, Boulder, CO and Austin, TX, with Alicia Grayson
Meditation as Silent Prayer, Adrian Dominicans, Adrian, MI
Vipassana Meditation (Dharma talks and meditation interviews) Burma, Thailand and USA
The Heart of the Hospice Volunteer, HospiceCare Inc, Madison, WI
Intimacy: A Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Relationship, Meriter Hospital Madison, WI
The Intimate Man: A Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Presence, Meriter Hospital, Madison, WI
The Art of Flow: Spirituality, Creativity and Fitness, Madison, WI
Grief Accumulation—What to Do? HospiceCare Inc, Madison, WI
Meditation as Daily Renewal, Madison, WI
Body Prayers: Doorways to the Sacred, Madison, WI

Icarus: The Boy Next Door, 1997
The National Hospice Journal: Hospice Volunteering—Greenhouse for Spiritual Growth, 1997
Creation Spirituality Magazine: Introducing Creation Spirituality to the Philippines, 1998

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